2015 PLUS Program scores

PLUS-score-table3KERIT is pleased to announce that the majority of the membership has attained the highest award of 10 total points, a score which earns these members up to a 5 percent premium discount. To the right are the KERIT members’ PLUS discounts. KERIT congratulates each member entity and thanks you for your hard work and dedication to the safety and health of your employees.

The PLUS Program Scorecard comprises nine components to establish measurable guidelines that help KERIT members achieve their goal of improved loss control. The areas emphasized in the scorecard are the activities that will have the greatest impact on the frequency of claims and the dollar amount of losses incurred. This is a 10-point scoring system, reflecting the nine major PLUS components.* Members receive one point for each component that is successfully completed, with these two exceptions:

Component one — Timely Reporting of Claims (one point) and Claims Management (one point).

Component nine — Other. In an effort to promote ongoing safety throughout the year, members are eligible to receive one additional point by implementing four out of six safety and health programs.

A total premium discount of 5 percent may be attained with 10 points earned.

*PLUS point components include: timely reporting of claims/claims management; post-offer physical assessment; wellness, physical fitness program for public safety personnel; facility inspections; safety committee; accident investigation; safety training/orientation; and other.