KERIT is a growing organization of tax funded entities joined together to provide best practices in workers’ compensation solutions.

Members are knowledgeable, fully engaged and accountable.

KERIT's Goal

Safety Culture

The KERIT Loss Control Program values, engages and protects organization members and employees.  A scorecard supports KERIT’s Preventing Loss Utilizing Safety (PLUS) Program. The PLUS Scorecard provides guidance and assistance in the design, implementation, assessment and measurement of loss control efforts made by each member.


KERIT continually explores ways to provide additional services to members through loss prevention initiatives as well as sound and equitable claim management practices.


KERIT improves members’ loss prevention programs and claims management practices to reduce overall costs.

Training & Education

KERIT actively works to educate and engage trustees regarding KERIT activities, as well as best practices.

Our Mission

Provide a self-insured program for tax funded entities; to improve the loss prevention program to reduce claims and accidents; to reduce costs through sound and equitable claim management practices; and to provide excess insurance at a discount based on volume and lower risk exposure.

Pillars of an Effective Workers’ Compensation Alternative Program

Kansas Eastern Region Insurance Trust (KERIT) was formed on November 1, 1986 as a self insurance program to cover workers’ compensation claims for its members. Members of KERIT, located primarily in eastern Kansas, includes various tax funded entities. Emphasis is placed on safety and the reduction of cost through the creation of a Safety Culture among employees, aggressive claims management, and training individualized to the needs of the members.

KERIT’s 25 year loss ratio is 58% and has returned over $16,300,000 to its members in dividends since its inception. All KERIT member receive personal attention because each organization has a representative on the KERIT Board of Trustees. We provide a state-of-the-art risk management program that creates a safer work environment for everyone and gives it’s members input and control over their Workers’ Compensation destiny.

KERIT only partners with other professional organizations that share a strong commitment to maintaining a successful program for every member.

Returned to Members in Dividends

  • Outcome Focus

    Frequent communication of outcomes to members

    Return of premium dividends

    Responsible and adequate premiums

  • Engagement for Success

    Board members meet regularly

    Frequent review of claims and financials

    Communication of program goals to member organizations

    Sharing of best practices

  • Employment Effective Claims Management

    Organizational involvement in claims management

    Partnership with third party administration

    Reporting of all large claims to the Board of Trustees

  • Dedication to Improving Workplace Safety

    Numerous safety training classes

    Providing average of 50 hours per year of safety guidance to each member

    Integration of the PLUS scorecard as a benchmark for improvement

  • KERIT Organizational Commitment

    Commitment to a stable Workers’ Compensation alternative for public entities

    Commitment to improving loss control

    Commitment to reducing costs

    Commitment to safety

KERIT Supports Everyone

KERIT organizations come from a rich background across many civil areas. Our organization supports several entities and continues to grow.


Parks & Recreation

Public Safety

Public Works


Meet Our Members

Atchison County

Atchison County


Leavenworth County / City of Leavenworth


City of Lansing


City of Fairway


City of Shawnee

City of Mission

City of Merriam

Johnson County Parks & Rec


City of Gardner


City of Leawood

Junction City

City of Junction City


City of McPherson


City of Ottawa


City of Chanute


City of Derby


City of Winfield


City of Coffeyville

KERIT is a premier member driven organization that is fiscally sound and known for best practices in workers compensation. The membership of KERIT includes fifteen cities, two counties and one parks and recreation district. Members are knowledgeable, fully engaged and accountable.  The organizations guiding principles are centered around five areas:

The Role of KERIT

Financial Resources

Efficiency and Effectiveness



The success of any self-funded insurance pool depends largely on the commitment made by its members. The KERIT Board of Trustees is comprised of an Executive Committee which includes a Chair, 1st Vice Chair, and 2nd Vice Chair. Executive Committee elections occur annually. All KERIT members have a voice and a vote which helps to determine the direction of the Trust. Subcommittees are made up of board members and include an Investment/Finance Committee, Loss Control Committee, and a Policy Committee.

Atchison County

City of Chanute

City of Coffeyville

City of Derby

City of Fairway

City of Gardner

Johnson County Parks &
Recreation District

City of Junction City

City of Lansing

City of Leavenworth

Leavenworth County

City of Leawood

City of McPherson

City of Merriam

City of Mission

City of Ottawa

City of Shawnee

City of Winfield